Free from fine dust! 13 reasons to leave your car at home

The aim of the initiative "Car-Free Day", which takes place in 22 September 2017, is to initiate a trend reversal in road traffic.

13 reasons to leave your car at home:


Riding your bike or walking on foot ...

  • ... enhances your circulation.
  • great for taking in fresh air. The body receives a blast of fresh air thereby supplying the cells with energy which also allows you to free your mind after a hard day's work. Once you have reached your home, the stress and worries of the day have been left behind and you can enjoy a nice evening.
  • ... enables you to better interact with your surroundings. Whether in the car or in front of the computer - our lives are often spent in a bubble that shields us from our surroundings. We hardly notice our fellow human beings, or other factors such as the temperature or the weather.
  • ... means that you are already exercising and can skip the expensive gym fees and indulge in that extra slice of cake.

Riding a bicycle...

  • ... is often quicker than taking the car. Many cities have great bicycle lanes which allow you to overtake the cars stuck in traffic.
  • ... can save a lot of aggravation and thereby might even prevent stomach ulcer. How often do we complain about the time spent in a traffic jam or the terrible drivers who have missed the traffic light signal, drive too slow or tailgate our car? None of the above happens to cyclists, as some countries even allow them to overtake from the right if more than three cars are stuck in traffic.

Walking on foot...

  • ... prevents osteoporosis, as the pressure exerted through such exercise on the bones strengthens them.

Those who use public transport...

  • ... are mostly punctual, as they adhere to a set schedule.
  • ... will save themselves the aggravation of not only other drivers but other cyclists as well.
  • ... has enough time to enjoy a great book while on the go.
  • ... can take a time-out and just enjoy the view from the window seat and let their minds wander.
  • ... have the opportunity to powernap on their journey to and from work, thereby granting them that extra piece of rest.
  • ... can make new acquaintances and engage in interesting conversations while sitting on the bus, tram or train - but you will have to look up from your smartphone.

Were these reasons convincing enough? Then why not try and spent today car-free? As is true for any new situation: Do not give up right away! We often need some time until we have gotten used to something new, even if it is to our benefit.