Travel light and don't leave a trace

Unpack your beach towel, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin and enjoy a cold drink - that's relaxing! But not for the environment: Travel is a burden on our planet. So, what can we do to travel with a clear conscience?


Travel leaves a mark

With travel, it's the carbon dioxide (CO2) that has the biggest impact on the environment. Whether it's a plane, a car or a coal-fired power station - they all emit large amounts of greenhouse gases. The result is the much-discussed global warming: polar caps are melting, seaside coasts are at risk of sinking into the sea, whilst other regions are plagued by drought.

A two week holiday to Mallorca leaves an ecological footprint of approximately 1,200kg per person.  That's equivalent to the same environmental impact as driving a car for 1 year.  In other words, it emits more than half of the emissions that the earth can handle: namely 2,000kg per person, per year.

The travel there and back make up the bulk of the ecological footprint. This can also be seen in a direct comparison with a car's CO2 emissions.

Climate change doesn't just affect distant countries any more. Even here in our country, the seasons are moving, the weather is ever-more unpredictable and the number of illnesses are increasing, possibly due to the poor air quality.


Have stay-at-home holidays? Travel but do something good for the environment with Greenfinity!

Don't worry, you don't have to ruin your holiday because you've got a bad conscience, or cancel your long-awaited seaside holiday or miss out on discovering new cultures altogether - even though there's often more to discover in our own country than people believe. So, what should you do?
As well as numerous small measures that you can take to reduce your ecological footprint, you can also compensate for any negative impact that your holiday has on the environment: The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation will restore a piece of nature for you. If you make a donation in an amount equal to the impact your holiday had on the environment, as part of our reforestation projects in Germany and Nicaragua, we can plant the relevant number of trees as compensation. As well as being a sustainable raw material, trees also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen - so that we can all breathe easy on our next holiday!


Calculate your ecological footprint and compensate for it

As well as something to do you good this summer, do something good for the environment by restoring some of the resources that you used, and compensate for any negative impact you have had on the environment.

  • Calculate the ecological imprint of your holiday by using the footprint calculator.
  • Donate the value of the footprint you made to one of Greenfinitiy's reforestation projects.
  • Greenfinity will plant as many trees as they can with your donation.
  • Thus, restoring the ecological balance to it's "green" state.
Determine your ecological footprint!