Christmas time is the festival of new things!

The economy if more than happy if there are piles of presents under the Christmas tree. We are happy too! But do you know who is not? Mother nature.

It takes resources to produce all these presents. This would not a problem per se. The problem is, that our consumption is very short-term oriented. Far too soon, things end up at the landfill.


Did you know that each person generates garbage that weighs 7 to 8 times their own weight?  

Above all at Christmas we are so concerned to give a present that we do not focus in the thing we buy anymore. Does the other one really need or use the thing we want to give him? Too many presents end up lying around, unused.


Maybe it’s time to rethink the whole thing of giving a present?

  • Why don’t we team up: buying all-together one present for each person?

  • Secret Santa can be great fun too!
  • Or how about asking people wo to write a wish-list just like in the good old times – and wishes to not have to be materials ones!


All these ideas do not only bring more joy to the people we give the presents, it’s more fun and less stress when getting them.