June 3rd is World Bicycle Day

There are many good reasons for taking the bike

How about a bike-ride today?

Climate change is one of the major challenges of our time. At the Climate Conference, all countries agreed to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change. Moreover, the United Nations (UN) officially declared 3 June to be World Bicycle Day.

Paving the way to zero emission

Without drastic action today, the impact of climate change will cause a lot of trouble and will be very costly. At the climate conference the participants were motivated to intensify the actions and investments needed for a sustainable low carbon future. The UN wants to encourage its 193 member states to include bicycles in their sustainable development programmes as cycling can reduce urban transport carbon emissions by 7% gesenkt werden können.  

How would your city look like without any cars?

Here you can see how much space would be in our cities, if there were no cars: Seattle bike Blog

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5 Reasons to take the bike

Save money

If you go with your bike, you do not only save on gas: when going on short journey with your car, you are shortening the engine’s life. Moreover, the less you use the car, the lower the mileage, the higher the re-sales-price.


You will safe time

With the bicycle you can avoid congested roads. Studies show that you are therefore much faster when commuting on your bike, in some cities you can save half the time.

Save an extra coffee in the morning

Pedalling gets your circulation going which make you more active – without an extry portion of caffeine.

Spare your nerves

Being stuck in traffic can be annoying. If you take the bike you can go with the flow and reach your destination happy and relaxed.




Get healthier

There are tons of studies how cycling has a positive impact on your health: no matter if it is the mere exercise that has positive impact on your cardiovascular system, the extra-dose of vitamin D you get when being exposed to a sunny bike ride or the fact that with cycling to work you can easily keep your figure – without any additional training.

Save the planet – save yourself

While holding on to old habits may be comfortable, we will have to face a less cosy future. When we keep going on polluting our planet, we are digging our own grave: we do need a healthy environment to stay healthy. 


Greenfinity e-bike rental

To promote alternative ways of transportation for companies, the Greenfinity Foundation initiated an e-bike rental service for the myWorld. When going on appointments, employers are being motivated to take the bike instead of the car. 


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