The latest issue of our Greenfinity Foundation Magazine is here!

16 pages packed with our latest projects

Our contribution towards a "greener" world! We are happy to present the latest edition of the Greenfinity Foundation magazine, packed with our current projects that were made possible thanks to our many supporters and helping hands.

Much like our human bodies, planet Earth is a sensitive organism that can withstand only limited strain. When examining our planet's current condition, we can quickly determine that it is no longer in good health. One could even say, that our planet is suffering from an elevated temperature. And we are the cause, as our way of life is leaving traces behind which can no longer be ignored. Our environmental footprint is unbalancing our planet and the consequences include climate change and global warming.


The good news is that we can still do something about it!


Take a look at the latest issue of our Greenfinity Foundation Magazine to find out how we can help.

Greenfinity Foundation Magazine 2017