1000 trees planted for Nicaragua

Last year, as part of our CO2 compensation project to support a reforestation project in Nicaragua, 1000 trees were planted.


Now and then, getting the car out is somewhat unavoidable whether for work or for leisure. The fact that a superfluity of our environment is currently under threat should be clear to all of us as our individual and personal, ecological footprint is also a significant contributor. However, we can do something about this.


Anyone who wishes to calculate their personal, ecological footprint, has the option of doing so on our Greenfinity Foundation website. Furthermore, if you would like to compensate for the CO2 emissions which you produce, you can support our reforestation project by making a donation or compensatory payment and, in so doing, ensuring that more trees can be planted.


The 1000 trees which have already been planted not only ensure a better climate, but can also benefit the inhabitants financially, represent a source of income for them and generally contribute to a higher standard of living in the area where they are planted.