10,000 trees to protect the environment – are you in?

A reforestation campaign with Hungarian schools and partners

Our ever-changing lifestyle is causing further depletion of the natural world.  The Earth is warming at a dramatic pace – together, we can do something about it.  Are you in?

Climate change affects us all

Climate change affests us all, on a global scale.  For one thing, no one can claim that their life is climate neutral.  For another thing, everyone will feel the effects of climate change; some regions, however, will be more affected than others. 


claimate change drought hungary

Hungary and Austria will experience more heatwaves, for example, but, at the same time, less precipitation will fall.  In cities, this will be particularly noticeable as these areas don't have enough green space to ensure a balanced climate. 

Raise awareness amongst the younger generation

In the long-term struggle for a greener future, it's not only the adults who need to change their approach, generations to come will have to be far more aware of this issue. That's why we would like to set up a reforestation project with the Child & Family Foundation.

Reforestation Hungary

1000 trees for a greener Hungary

Our collective goal is to plant thousands of trees with the help of schools and local partners. This campaign should not only help to protect the environment but also to raise awareness amongst the population.