Clean the Beach – Philippines

The negative influence of improperly stored waste on our ecosystem is not to be underestimated. Waste collection campaigns have therefore been a tradition for many years. They are an important contribution towards protecting the environment and help raise public awareness on this important issue.
"Green" commitment was displayed for the first time in the Philippines. The population on the island Leyte has been struggling with improperly disposed waste for some time now. The local refuse collection does not always work, which has often lead to waste being disposed of in the woods or on the beach. Together with the San Roque Elementary School, the Greenfinity Foundation took on this project and cleaned the beach of Padre Burgos on 16 November 2016 with the help of the school's students and teachers. All in all more than 90 volunteers came together to help with the rubbish collection. Aside from helping the environment, creating awareness also took centre stage: The students were made aware of how to take care of nature and its resources.
The Greenfinity Foundation would like to thank everyone for their tireless support and dedication towards the protection of our environment!