Gardening as valid school subject

Education means equipping people with the knowledge and skills which they require.

In a region where malnourishment runs riot, knowing how to garden and feed yourself properly is of the utmost importance. 

In the course of a lesson, the school garden is planted anew. The children are being instructed by Mr. Roy, expert in the field of gardening and agriculture, the children are acquainted with the topic.

Gärtnern als Schulfach auf den Philippinen
Schüler legen den biologischen Schulgarten auf den Philippinen an

Secret tips from experts

Under his guidance, the children gain much more than simply a lesson in how to garden. Mr. Roy passes on "secret tips" which help the children to understand not only how the plants grow but also how one goes about reaping a rich harvest. The children are particularly keen on the harvested products, which are then turned into afternoon tea in the school kitchen, because nothing tastes better than fruit and vegetables which you grew yourself.