Greenfinity builds water wells in dry areas in Brazil

It is mainly great soy producers who buy up land in large parts of Brazil. This is why poor farmers frequently lose their land. Many of them were forced to move to the dry and barren Bahia area in southeast Brazil where they do not have enough water to survive and provide for their animals, which are their livelihood.
Since December 2013, Greenfinity supports the Styrian “Verein für Quellen & Hilfsprojekte“(association for springs and aid projects) which found out that there is enough ground water in this area to secure survival of the people there and thus constructs water wells in a quick and simple manner.
Greenfinity is happy to support the association and finances the construction of seven more wells. One well provides water for ten families. The largest of the five wells is approx. 100 metres deep and will soon even provide water for a whole hospital in the Bahia area.
You can help provide water and secure the livelihood of the people living in the Bahia area.