A honey-sweet experience

Visit to the Bio Apiary Amplatz by myWorld 360 employees

Those who chose to go on the Greenfinity Foundation's trip to the Bio Apiary Amplatz in Obergroßau on 19th October 2019 gained insight into honey production and processing.

When bees pollinate plants, they make an important contribution to the preservation of our flora and the eco-system as a whole.  Due to various factors and environmental developments, the bee population is nevertheless continuing to shrink – some bee species have even already died out.  

To ensure the native honey bee's survival, the Greenfinity Foundation supports the Bio Apiary Amplatz in Obergroßau with the help of bee sponsorships and by building and managing beehives.

Insight into the world of bees

The Greenfinity Foundation organised a trip to the Bio Apiary Amplatz on 19th October 2019 for employees and their families with a view to finding out more about bees and honey production.

When the group of 20 arrived at 2 pm at the Bio Apiary, they were met and warmly welcomed by the master beekeeper.  He then proceeded to give them comprehensive insight into the beekeeper's job, the life of the bees and the significant role they play in our eco-system.  Furthermore, the master beekeeper explained how honey is produced and processed which he then proceeded to demonstrate this by showing the visitors the honey processing plant and the model beehive.  Thanks to the good weather, they were also able to view the model beehive – a special highlight for all present.

Visit to the Bio Apiary Amplatz by myWorld Solution employees
Visit to the Bio Apiary Amplatz by myWorld Solution employees

Sweet Support

After roughly two hours, the tour was finished and the visitors were rewarded with a generous tea-time treat and refreshment – all products were organic, of course.

Naturally, they couldn't forget the honey tasting: The visitors were able to try four different kinds of home-made organic honey.  As everyone enjoyed the honey so much, they also decided to take one or two jars home with them.

Visit to the Bio Apiary Amplatz by myWorld Solution employees

Tours open to the public

The visit was a huge success and demonstrated to all visitors the important role the bees play in our environment and eco-system.

Not only the Greenfinity Foundation employees are able to visit the Bio Apiary: Schools and Partners who might be interested as well as sponsors of the Bio Apiary have the opportunity to have a tour and tasting.