How to grow your own food!

Gardening-workshop at the San Roque Elementary School

50 parents and 16 teachers took part in the training to build their own vegetable garden.  The goal was to learn how to plant their own food. Manuel S. Gabisay, a retired agriculturist, is an expert in that field.

Mr. Gabisay taught the participants about the terminologies and the different groups of vegetables, which is an important basis if you want to plant them properly and yield a large crop.
Moreover, they learned how to mount a backyard as well as a hanging vegetable garden. As the last part of the morning and the last step of gardening, the participants were introduced in the process of harvesting. After that a healthy “energizer” was served at lunchtime.
Last but not least, the afternoon was all about gaining knowledge about the different vegetables.

The Greenfinity Foundation wishes a good seeding process and a bountiful harvest!