A new greenhouse for the San Roque Elementary School

Growing plants is much like raising children. They stem from just a little seed. To blossom, both need fertile soil to strike roots, lots of love and sunny days – but not too much, or it will harm them, and shelter where they are safe and protected from negative impacts. For seedlings, this protection and shelter is a greenhouse but, unfortunately, the wooden supports for the greenhouse at the San Roque Elementary School rotted and the greenhouse could no longer be used.
Our children at the San Roque Elementary School have found out through experience that it isn’t that easy to grow plants from just a little seed, especially if the environmental conditions are rough. In the Philippines, the climate is humid and this is what caused the wooden supports on the previous greenhouse to rot.
There are periods of blistering heat and times when it’s raining cats and dogs. Without adequate protection from the elements, plants are either flooded, or they wilt in the heat. This results in a late harvest.

To be able to grow plants, which in turn enables us to give the plants to the community, as well as giving us vegetables to use in the school kitchen, we needed a new greenhouse. A craftsman from the village made a new one which is much more resistant to the humidity.  It will last for many years and house many seedlings that will become fruitful plants.