One day for a cleaner Graz

The annual Mur bank clean-up", part of the statewide "Styrian Spring Cleaning 2017", took place on 1 April. Both the Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) and Lyoness had representatives taking part in the campaign. As a Lyoness corporate environmental foundation, the GFF is particularly concerned about protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations. "Waste can be a valuable resource, but it can also be dangerous if stored incorrectly. We wanted to set a strong example here in Graz by participating in the "Mur bank clean-up" and contributing to environmental protection," says GFF Project Manager Stephanie Adler.
The Graz City Council has organised the Styrian Spring Cleaning since 2008, and is supported by the Styrian Mountain and Nature Conservation Stations. Numerous organisations, associations and voluntary helpers from the population of Graz were also present.
We thank you for your commitment!
Protecting the environment concerns us all!