Organic+ sponsoring a vitamin drink for our nutrition program

To kick of our new partnership, Organic+ donates All in One Drinks to the pupils of the San Roque Elementary School. Thanks to our project partner, the Child & Family Foundation, we were able to present the donated vitamin drink to the school as part of our collective project visit.

The pupils of the San Roque Elementary School always look forward to our visits.  During our last project visit, the atmosphere was particularly positive as word got around that we had brought lemonade with us in our luggage.  What the pupils perceived to be a sweet, refreshing drink is, in reality, a highly-concentrated dietary supplement which guarantees comprehensive provision of the most important micro-nutrients

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Organic food as a long-term measure for a balanced nutrition

The generous donation from our new partner, Organic+, is a sensible addition to our organic school garden project, which was launched in 2013 in collaboration with the Health and Nutritional Program for the Child & Family Foundation at the San Roque Elementary School.  Food grown according to organic principles are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant substances. 

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They are normally best suited to the treatment of deficiencies.  Measures such as our school garden project and the nutrition program run by the Child & Family Foundation work to improve the nutritional standards of the pupils and promote healthy growth in the long-term. 

A quick vitamin boost

Many of the children who are accepted onto the program, suffer from such a pronounced nutrient deficiency at the beginning that, even by providing them with sufficient healthy food, it is not possible to restore their nutrient levels quickly. 

The additional administration of 13 vitamins and ten minerals helps them to restore their nutrient stores more quickly. The sweet taste of the drink is naturally a welcome bonus. 

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We would like to thank our new partner Organic+ on behalf of Child & Family Foundation and the San Roque Elementary School!