Today is car-free day!

Give your car and the environment a break!

Approximately 77 billion kilometres are driven in Austria per year - that's the equivalent of driving to the sun and back 255 times. Such a traffic density has left its marks on the environment.

Approximately 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions worldwide come from motor vehicle traffic.

Life without a car would be almost inconceivable for many of us. The engine is started as a habit, however, without reasonableness or pondering alternatives: Almost every second car journey in Austria is shorter than 5km, and every fifth journey is shorter than 1km. In order to achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, we all need to use our bikes, public transport or walk more often. Learn more.




Good for your health, good for our environment!

Many of these journeys, mostly short-haul travels, could easily be done on a bicycle or even on foot. Find out why having a car-free day is not only good for the environment but also for your body and soul: Read our 13 health related reasons to leave your car at home.