Today is World Food Day

A garden project in the Philippines will support the children's healthy growth and development.

795 million people go to bed hungry every night. It's not just plants that require sufficient nutrients in order to be able to develop properly. 

If the body isn't adequately provided for during growth periods, then the brain will be not be able to develop properly.  Not only concentration span and information retention suffer, but brain power generally will be significantly reduced. 


Many children in the Philippines are undernourished.  To help these children develop and, by extension, to ensure a bright future for them, we have started an organic garden project at the San Roque Elementary School in the Philippines, which not only provides the school canteen with food for the Child & Family Foundation nutrition programme, but also provides the whole town with fresh vegetables.


You can help too! Find out more about the World Food Day, our project and how you can support us!