In Toronto‘s Parks, it’s not just squirrels that are busy collecting things – volunteers collect things too: namely, rubbish.

To be amongst nature doesn’t always mean protecting the environment
Canadians are outdoor people.  They get outdoors whenever possible, and not even the ice cold temperatures can keep them indoors. The Sunnybrook Park is therefore one of the most popular locations for the metropolitan city of Toronto, with a population of almost 63 million. However, not all these nature lovers remember to take everything that they brought with them back home again. This causes a lot of unsightly rubbish to build up on the pathways and in the undergrowth.
Clean-Up day in Sunnybrook Park
There are more people than you’d think who are willing to use their own time and energy to protect nature. The Clean-Up day in Toronto proved this.
The event was organised by the Lyoness Canada Team. Office employees, as well as local members of the community, came to help. 5 onlookers were so motivated by what they saw that they also registered to participate, making a total of 40 hands for the clean-up. Other visitors to the park passed on their thanks to the Foundation.
The squirrels can learn something from this
When it comes to the collection rate, the squirrels have something to learn from the group of volunteers in Toronto. By the time they were finished, they had collected approximately 250lbs. (133kg) of rubbish and recylables from the park. Amongst all the rubbish, they even found a unique BBQ set and some gold clips.
We would like to send huge thanks to all the volunteers and staff for their participation in this year’s event!