October 16th is World Food Day. Let’s fight malnutrition!

With our gardening project in the Philippines, we're making a contribution towards supporting children's healthy growth and development.

Who hasn't experienced a lapse in concentration mid-afternoon? For some people, this is an everyday reality, because they suffer from undernourishment.

The World Food Day honours the founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) in 1945. The goal was to eliminate poverty, hunger and malnutrition.

We like to think that the basic need for adequate food for everyone around the world in this day and age is a thing of the past.  Unfortunately, that couldn't be further from the truth.  With the topic of today's World Food Day; "#Zero Hunger.  Our Actions.  Our Future." it should be clear that we can only achieve this goal as a joint effort.     

With our cooperation project with the Child & Family Foundation, we're taking a step in that direction - and you can support us.

795 million people go to bed hungry every night, every ninth person doesn't get the nutritious food they need to survive and thrive. Every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger and malnutrition. We don't want to just sit and watch. Do you?

Empty tummy, empty head.

If the body isn't adequately provided for during growth periods, then the brain will be not be able to develop properly.


Not only concentration span and information retention suffer, but brain power generally will be significantly reduced. Retarded growth or a higher risk of infections are further consequences.

hunger and malnutrition philippines

The children’s learning ability is compromised and, by extension, a successful school career is endangered.

It's not just plants that require sufficient nutrients in order to be able to develop properly.

Troubles with the food supply at the Philippines

The Philippines were once a successful exporter of rice. These days, rice has to be imported - which causes serious consequences: they are dependent on imports and are at the mercy of the world market price. Rising food prices in 2008 hit the country very hard. Since then, malnutrition and hunger are part of daily life. As farmers have lost their lands, it is hard to re-establish a domestic production.

The major part (about 98%) of people that are suffering from hunger live in developing countries. Whereof two thirds can be found in Asia and the Pacific region and another third in Africa.


A garden project in the Philippines will support the children's healthy growth and development.

115 of the 450 school children at the San Roque Elementary School are undernourished. In order to improve their food and nutrition situation and, by extension, to make them capable of learning and completing their school career successfully, we have started a cooperation project with the Child & Family Foundation.

School garden philippines

A hot meal every day.

Our organic garden project provides the school canteen with food for the Child & Family Foundation nutrition programme, in which the undernourished children receive a hot meal from the school's own organic garden every day. The garden is tended by the students and teachers. One lesson per day is dedicated to gardening and thus fruits and vegetables such as pineapples, papayas, ochras, salad, spinach, bananas, tomatoes, beans are thriving and prospering.


Biologischer Schulgarten Philippinen
Schulküche Food and nutrition program philippinen
Food and nutrition program philippines
Biologischer Schulgarten Philippinen

Helping people help themselves

The gardening has become far more than just a part of everyday school life. As well as the children, people from the community can also join gardening workshops and learn how to grow, cultivate and harvest organic fruit and vegetables. This enables them to have their own garden at home and to learn how to tend it, which enables the families to better provide for their children. 


Every contribution counts! Give a hot meal.

Together, we can fight world hunger! Support our cooperation-project with the Child & Family Foundation and ensure that the children can have a hot meal every day.