December 2017

The ecological footprint

In all that we do, we leave our mark on nature.

We exhaust resources, generate greenhouse gases and produce waste. Scientists have coined human kind's impact on its environment with the pictorial term " ecological footprint".

We exhaust resources, generate greenhouse gases and produce waste. Scientists have coined human kind's impact on its environment with the pictorial term " ecological footprint".
The footprint indicates how many hectares of productive land our planet must provide to supply resources for an individual person, a company or a whole country. Calculate your ecological footprint now and compensate your negative influence on our environment with a donation.

Calculate your ecological footprint!


Nature's never-ending cycle

By using more resources than nature can produce and creating more waste and greenhouse gases than nature can compensate for, we are destroying nature's balance. Climate change, increasing occurrences of natural catastrophes and "global warming" are the resulting consequences.

Global warming

While the weather refers to short-term and current conditions, global warming describes our climate over a longer period. Thus defining the rise of the mean temperature of the near earth atmosphere and the oceans in the last 150 years. Aside from natural climate change, there is also the man-made climate change which according to scientists has a greater impact on the climate.

Human influence on global warming

The emission of greenhouse gases, especially carbon dioxide, results in the earth atmosphere's increasing concentration of such gases. This leads to an increased retention of infrared heat radiation in the troposphere. If less warmth is radiated out into space and the atmosphere cannot cool down, the air will remain warm.

Consequences of climate change

Despite many people's vehement refusals, numerous studies confirm human kind's contribution towards climate change and its effects on our planet. Glacial melting, the sea-level rise, extreme weather, the thawing of permafrost soil and the increase of species extinction are just the tip of the iceberg.

What can you do to increase climate-friendly behaviour and to take on responsibility for your environmental consequences?

There are many ways to contribute towards environmental protection.
You could, for example, walk to the nearest market on foot, buy coffee beans instead of capsules, go to work using public transport or by bike, or spend a relaxing holiday at an organic hotel. The thought that "my small donation" will make no difference is no excuse as there are numerous opportunities to preserve earth's resources. Together, many small contributions towards environmental protection allow for the preservation of our invaluable planet and its resources.

Compensate where you cannot reduce
An environmentally conscious lifestyle can lead to a reduction of your ecological footprint. In certain cases, in which an environmentally conscious lifestyle cannot be integrated into your daily life, you can compensate for your ecological footprint. Simply make a financial contribution with which a piece of nature and its balance will be restored.
Support the Greenfinity Foundation's reforestation projects and compensate your footprint!

The Greenfinity Foundation reforestation projects
By supporting the Greenfinity Foundation reforestation projects in Nicaragua and Germany, you can compensate your footprint and help restore the ecological balance.

How do the GFF projects affect your personal footprint?
The reforestation of underused areas can subsequently result in the extraction of wood, which can be used as an alternative for fossil fuels such as kerosene and fuel oil. The Greenfinity Foundation thereby promotes the use of renewable resources and minimises the emission of CO2. Furthermore, the reforestation creates new habitats for flora and fauna and restores biodiversity. In addition, forestry is considered an important business sector that allows for the creation of many new workplaces both nationally and abroad.

Make your contribution now!
By financially supporting the Greenfinity Foundation you are making a valuable contribution towards the reforestation of certain areas. Calculate your ecological footprint and support our reforestation projects!

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Calculate your ecological footprint!