September 2018
Cresta Verde Park, California

Greenfinity Day 2018 in Cresta Verde Park, Corona, CA

Restoration of a tidy and neat park area

25 volunteers came together to make the Cresta Verde Park in Corona, California a nicer place.

Rubbish lying around on the waysides, littering recreational facilities and public transport, such as on buses and on the train, compromises the living standards of many cities and regions worldwide. 

Cleanliness in public places has become a hot topic recently, which is heavily discussed and contributes greatly to the well-being of people living there.  However clean up costs communities in the USA and all over the world a huge amount of money.


Rubbish collection campaign and raising awareness

This was reason enough for myWorld Americas to decide to take the necessary measures and free Cresta Verde Park in California of rubbish.  Thus the park has been restored to its former glory and, at the same time, they have also managed to raise people's awareness.

25 volunteers got the day off to a good start on 15th September 2018 and set about cleaning and repainting the toilets as well as varnishing the tables and bins anew.  The grounds surrounding the play area also received a new coat of paint.

Repainting the playground
Reafforestation of Cresta Verde Park

Thanks to the measures taken, the park facilities have been given a major upgrade and everything appears far better looked after and more inviting than before. 


Things have changed quite a bit in the park itself.  An entire lorry-load of mulch was collected and spread around 24 trees.  The park's appearance has been greatly improved and it's not just the many volunteers, who are now aware, following this campaign, how lovely and worthwhile the Cresta Verde Park in Corona, California, actually is.

A successful day comes to an end

At the end, all were agreed that they wanted to look after "their" park better in the future and to be more aware of the environment and to look after it better on a day to day basis.

Obviously other visitors also rejoiced at the park's new appearance.  The myWorld Americas team is very proud of the fact that they managed to find such hardworking volunteers and managed to take a step towards protecting the environment together, in turn, improving the living standards of people in the city.

A big thank you to the whole team at myWorld Americas and to all volunteers for their enthusiastic commitment to this year's Greenfinity Day!

A new coat of paint for the toilets in Cresta Verde Park
A new coat of paint for the toilets in Cresta Verde Park
Reafforestation of Cresta Verde Park
Cleanup and reafforestation of Cresta Verde Park
Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Cleaning up Cresta Verde Park and its playground
  • Raising awareness for environmental protection
Projekt Location

Cresta Verde Park, Corona, CA

Project period
15. September 2018
Concrete Realisation
  • 25 Volunteers
Project partner

myWorld Americas

  • Clean park and restored playground
  • A new coat of paint for the park facilities (toilets, play areas, tables, bins)