July 2018
Florida, USA

On Greenfinity Day a stretch of beach in Florida was cleared of rubbish.

64 helping hands collecting rubbish on a stretch of beach just 1.2km long accumulated 11.5kg of rubbish.

When it comes to environment projects, the myWorld Americas community is particularly dedicated. On 14.07.2018 there was another Greenfinity Day in Florida when a stretch of the Fort Lauderdale beach was freed of rubbish during the "Beach Clean-up Day" event."

The rubbish problem

It can no longer be denied that the world has a problem with rubbish pollution. Wherever you turn in the media there are shocking reports about the problem; whether it be the mass rubbish pollution in India, or the amount of plastic being dumped in the sea worldwide.

The reports include photos of birds, whales and other sea creatures either caught in the midst of a mass of rubbish floating in the sea, or their stomachs stuffed full of plastic waste. 


Numerous results now show that even regions of the world that were previously unspoiled, such as the Deep Sea or the Arctic ice, are starting to show particles of plastic waste.

Collecting gargabe at the Fort Laudedrdale Beach in Florida

The prognoses are sobering: by 2050 there will be more items of plastic waste in the sea than there are sea creatures. 

The myWorld Americas community is doing everything they can to avoid this happening to the stretch of beach and sea in their area and thus organised a Greenfinity Day with the slogan "Beach Clean-up Day".

Raise ecological awareness and be pro-active

The aim of the Greenfinity Days is to raise awareness that we should all do our part to protect the environment.  During these one-day events dedicated communities, made up of volunteers, get together to pro-actively get involved in protecting the environment.

Only if, for example, you spend the day collecting rubbish, do you really see the enormity of the problem for yourself and how much rubbish is carelessly dumped.


collecting garbage at Fort Lausderadale Beach as means of environment protection
Das Team aus Fort Lausterdale beim Beach Cleanup

Environment protection on "Beach Clean-up Day"

The myWorld Americas community is particularly dedicated when it comes to environment protection. Once again, they drummed up volunteers to get together to protect the enviroment.



On 14.07.2018 a group of 32 volunteers got together to clean-up a stretch of the Fort Lauderdale beach.  In 2 hours, 644 pieces of rubbish were collected from a stretch of beach just 1.2km long - that's approximately 11.5kg of dumped rubbish.

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Fort Lauterdale, Florida, USA

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myWorld Americas




32 volunteers

a stretch of beach just 1.2km long

accumulated 11.5kg or 644 pieces of rubbish.