A test of courage

Do you dare to fight climate change?

It is our lifestyle that has provoked climate change. As a result, the forces of nature are increasingly turning against us.

If we continue to live on earth as we have done so far, global warming could reach up to 6.4 degrees Celsius over the next 100 years. Placing excessive strain on nature will have led to droughts, aridity and species extinction. Our CO2 emissions are higher than what nature can bear.

Drought as a result of climate change_pic unsplah

One way to stand up to this detrimental development is to decrease your own ecological footprint by causing less stress on the environment.

As there is no way for us to completely eliminate our effects on the earth, what we can do is to compensate for our share of the load.

In our everyday life, we use resources and produce emissions, thus destroying a small part of the unspoilt environment. However, nature has its limits. At the moment, we would need several earths to cover our demands.

By planting trees, we can re-create a bit of unspoilt nature. Trees provide fresh air and new, natural resources.

Plant a piece of intact nature