Harvesting maize

A new crop at the San Roque garden

A new crop was planted for the very first time at the San Roque Elementary School in the Philippines: Maize.  And to great success! Which is why another maize crop will soon follow.

Auf den Philippinen, an der San Roque Elementary School, wurde heuer zum ersten Mal eine neue Getreidesorte angepflanzt: Mais. Die Ernte war ein großer Erfolg! ? Daher wird es auch in Zukunft wieder eine Mais-Aussaat geben.

Mais Philippines
Mais San Roque Philippines
Child eating Mais Philippines

Corn fields are ideal for a game of hide and seek and eating corn on the cob can be a merry experience. Even though one can make a variety of meals using corn flour, it tastes best fresh, which was how it was served at the San Roque Elementary School. Our tip: Add a drop of milk when cooking in salt water; this will make the corn particularly tender.