January 2018
Graz, Austria

Climate protection project with myWorld Austria

Earth and its resources are our most precious assets, for we only have one blue planet. For this reason, the Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) is supporting myWorld Austria on its path to climate neutrality.

In view of global warming and the ensuing consequences, it has become increasingly important to lay the focus of one's own lifestyle on sustainability and conservation of resources. Not only is rethinking one’s lifestyle an important step in the right direction, but large companies as well need to take on an eco-friendly focus. The GFF is supporting myWorld Austria on its path to becoming a climate-neutral company with the help of an innovative climate project.

myWorld Austra ist klimaneutral

Critical appraisal

Within the framework of the collaboration between the GFF and myWorld Austria, the company's entire greenhouse emissions were ascertained. The GFF therefore worked closely with the Graz University of Technology and processed the data using the Sustainable Process Index, which calculated both the ecological and carbon footprint. With the long-term goal of making myWorld Austria climate-neutral by 2018, the effects on the climate by the employees' actions, the company buildings, mobility and the consumables used were recorded.


Compensation through climate protection certificates

The greenhouse gases caused by the company should be reduced by the employees' consistent waste separation, environmentally-friendly workplace management and the use of green electricity. Furthermore, irreducible carbon emissions will be compensated by acquiring climate protection certificates. myWorld Austria is also supporting a wind turbine project in India. With their commitment in the field of environmental protection, the GFF and myWorld Austria would like to become role models for many people and encourage them to rethink their current lifestyles.

Wind power project at Jaibhim by SIIL
Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Preservation of non-renewable resources
  • Sustainable environmental protection
  • Reduction of greenhouse emissions
  • Promoting alternative energy sources
  • Reducing myWorld Austria's ecological as well as carbon footprint
  • Compensating irreducible carbon emissions by acquiring climate protection certificates
Projekt Location

Graz, Austria

Project period
2018 - 2019
Project partner

Graz University of Technology

myWorld Austria