October 2018
Chrzanów, Poland

Greenfinity: Rubbish collection in Chrzanów, Poland

Poland needs to be cleaned up

There is a problem with rubbish in many countries around the world, but none so much as Poland. Illegal landfills, arson and storage of toxic waste for too long are just a few of the problems that come to mind when referring to the issue of rubbish in Poland. (Source:

It is imperative to raise people's awareness and make them aware of the problem, as clean surroundings and an unpolluted environment contribute significantly to the quality of life and our well-being.


This is what prompted the Lyconet Community to team up with the myWorld Poland team.  Together their organised a Greenfinity Day in Chrzanów in order to make a contribution towards improving the rubbish situation. The rubbish collection campaign took place on the 21st of October 2018 at a huge, heavily littered green area near the city centre.  It was the first Greenfinity campaign of its type to take place in Poland and 10 volunteers took part, filling a massive 32 bags with the rubbish they collected.

Rubbish collection in Chrzanów, Poland
Rubbish collection in Chrzanów, Poland
Rubbish collection in Chrzanów, Poland

As well as doing something good for the environment, it was also good for the volunteers personally, as they had great fun doing the rubbish collection as a group.


With their joint efforts and endless dedication, the volunteers thus made a contribution towards protecting nature, as well as raising awareness of the problem. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the Greenfinity Day in Poland, and look forward to the next one.

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • cleaning up a heavily littered green area near the city centre of Chrzanów
  • Raising awareness for environmental protection
Project period
21. Oktober 2018
Concrete Realisation

10 Volunteers

Project partner
  • myWorld Poland
  • Lyconet Community Poland

32 bags of rubbish collected