January 2014
Rajasthan, India

India: Electricity generation from harvest residues

Climate partnership: For every printed copy of the Lyoness Cashback Magazine and the Child and Family Magazine 1 cent goes to a climate protection project in India

Lyoness, Greenfinity and the Styria Multi Media Corporate support the project “electricity generation from harvest residues” in India in cooperation with atmosfair

In January 2013 the climate partnership between Greefinity and atmosfair had been established. 1 cent per Cashback Magazine and CFF Magazine goes to the climate protection organisation, which implements projects with the help of the money. Since the beginning of 2014 this money has been benefiting a project in India.

In Rajasthan, a state in India and one of the poorest areas of the country, the main part of the population lives on farming and stock breeding. Many farmers are hardly able to produce more than they need in order to survive. Because of the dry climate, mainly mustard is being grown. The leftover shells and stems were simply thrown away before. Atmosfair supports a biomass power plant in the city Tonk that uses the harvest residues to generate electricity. The harvest residues are taken to collecting points where they are weighed and where the farmers get paid immediately. This way, the farmers do not have to bear transport costs. By selling the harvest residues to the plant operator the farmers receive an important additional income, which means an increase of their income by up to 50%. A large storehouse guarantees electricity throughout the entire year.
This way, a win-win situation is created:

  • previously useless mustard shells can be used to generate electricity à positive for the environment
  • additional income for the farmers
  • green electricity for the Rajasthan area

As with all the projects undertaken by atmosfair, this is also subject to the highest standards of quality. The savings in CO2 are certified by external inspectors, who are accredited by and liable to the UN, under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations. The CDM is one of the flexible mechanisms for clean development envisaged in the Kyoto Protocol. Greenfinity is proud to be able to put this project into effect in partnership with Lyoness, atmosfair and Styria Multi Media Corporate.

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • reduction of CO2 emissions
  • producing climate friendly electricity as a substitute for fossil fuels
  • value added for small farmers by sale of harvest residues
  • creation of local jobs
  • know-how  and technology transfer of climate protection technology
Projekt Location

Rajasthan, India

Project period
January 2014 – December 2014

For every printed copy of the Cashback Magazine and the Child and Family Magazine 1 cent goes to the climate protection project “electricity generation from harvest residues” in India, which is being implemented by atmosfair. The costs are covered by Lyoness, respectively the Greenfinity, and the Styria Multi Media Corporate.

Convenantee group

small farmers in Rajasthan/India

Project partner

Styria Multi Media Corporate