February 2013

Kenya: Construction of small biogas plants

Climate partnership with atmosfair and the partners Lyoness, Greenfinity and Styria Multi Media Corporate creats a sustanable energy cycle

Lyoness and the Greenfinity want to make a further contribution to to improving the environment so as to embed the issue of environmental protection even more firmly within the company. And this time, both the Cashback Magazine and the Child & Family Foundation Magazine are part of the project. From now on, 1 cent will go to the climate protection organisation atmosfair for every printed copy, which will ensure that a climate  protection project endorsed by Lyoness and Greenfinity will be implemented with the funds generated.

The project entitled ‘Small Biogas Plants in Kenya’ assists small farmers in the construction of biogas plants, which deliver essential energy for cooking and heating water in an environmentally friendly manner. One of these plants produces about 3 kW of thermal energy, meaning the farmers are no longer dependent on buying additional wood, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gas or charcoal. This reduces their cost of living. Apart from that, knowledge is passed on in this manner as locals are trained to build biogas plants. The technology learned can be used in villages, which then leads to the creation of jobs. The biogas is produced in the plants using converted organic waste and cow manure. The remaining residual biomass can be used as a nutrient-rich fertiliser. Together with microfinance institutions, the farmers also participate in funding the plants. The farmers recoup the costs within just one year. Due to this model, Nigerian Farmers will be able to finance this alternative way to produce energy. Further, permanent use of this technology and thus sustainable improvement of the environmental situation will thereby be guaranteed.

The reduction in CO2 emissions, a reduction in deforestation and a decrease in the formation of flue gases, which benefits the health of women and children, in particular, are only some of the positive effects on the environment. As with all the projects undertaken by atmosfair, this is also subject to the highest standards of quality. The savings in CO2 are certified by external inspectors, who are accredited by and liable to the UN, under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the United Nations. The CDM is one of the flexible mechanisms for clean development envisaged in the Kyoto Protocol. Greenfinity is proud to be able to put this project into effect in partnership with Lyoness, atmosfair and Styria Multi Media Corporate.

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • reduction in CO2 emissions
  • reduction in deforestation
  • Reduction of the cost of living
  • decrease in the formation of flue gases, which benefits the health of women and children, in particular
  • Creation of local jobs
Projekt Location


Project period
February 2013 – December 2014

From now on, 1 cent will go to the climate protection project „Biogas Plants in Kenya“, which is being carried out by atmosfair, for every printed copy of the Cashback Magazine and the Child & Family Foundation Magazine. The costs are covered by Lyoness, respectively the Greenfinity, and the Styria Multi Media Corporate.

Convenantee group

Small farmers in the Nairobi River Basin in Kenya

Project partner

atmosfair and Styria Multi Media Corporate