April 2014
20 illegal dumps in Slovakia

Slovakia: Clean-up activities

Waste collection and removal of illegal dumps in Slovakia – cooperation with the environmental project TrashOut

More than 2,200 illegal dumps can be found in Slovakia alone. They can be localized and reported via an app developed specifically for this purpose by the environmental project TrashOut. With the help of this app volunteers act together and clean the illegal dumps. As soon as an illegal dump has been successfully removed it can be deleted by the system. The volunteers’ work is an essential contribution to protecting our environment.
Although teamwork at removing the dumps is going very well, there are still high costs when it comes to cleaning. The volunteers not only provide their free-time, they also have to bear the costs of containers and other materials. Because of this financial burden many volunteers refrain from helping.
In order to support the removal of illegal dumps in Slovakia, Greenfinity finances the cleaning of 20 of them. At the same time it aims to raise awareness of this important topic among the Lyconet und Cashback World Community. This is why the Lyconet und Cashback World Community is also being asked to participate in the waste collections.
The first illegal dump will be cleaned on 22nd April, which is international Earth Day, in Bratislava. Many employees of the office in Slovakia have decided to take part in the activity.

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Maintaining vegetation and biodiversity
  • Reduction of the greenhouse effect
  • Raising awareness of the preservation and protection of the environment
  • Waste as a resource which can be recycled
  • Proper disposal of waste
Projekt Location

20 illegal dumps in Slovakia

Project period
22. April 2014 – 22. April 2015

The Greenfinity Foundation bears all costs of cleaning the illegal dumps

Convenantee group

people who live next to the 20 illegal dumps, flora and fauna

Project partner

TrashOut, n.f.