June 1 is Children’s day! We hope for a green offspring!

The Greenfnity facilitates ecological education for the next generation.

Many countries celebrate the International Children’s Day today. It’s a reminder that all children have particular rights. These rights do not only protect the human dignity of the younger generation but teaches them how to be a better person.

The right to education – the chance to be a better person

According to “The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)” children have, amongst others, a right to education. Children’s education should not only impart knowledge but help them learn the value of mother nature and protect the environment.


Escuela Lyoness Environmental Day
Pollution in India

Learning by doing

The attitude of the younger generation is crucial for the future of our planet. This is why we love working with children. We want them to get in touch with nature, we want them to learn by doing. They have to see the consequences to understand why littering is such a huge problem. Children are still impartial and open for the truth and will be able to turn things around in the future – if it is not yet too late.  


Clean-up and reforestation activities with schools

At the San Roque Elementary School we implemented a biological school garden. Pupils, teachers and parents receive trainings in how to create and cultivate an organic garden and the pupils participate actively in cultivation the garden. Moreover, an annual clean-up event at the local beach was implemented.

People from developing countries often lack the understanding for environmental topics. This is mostly because it is a matter of education. We try to give these kids an understanding of their share on pollution and environmental protection. Therefore, we had a huge clean up event when we have been in India. In addition, we spent one-day planting trees with a school – a little contribution to restore natural habitats and this the global equilibrium. The most important thing: that the kids get an understanding of action and reaction and what it needs to keep our planet balanced. 


Mother nature as a teacher.

Getting in touch with nature is also important for the youth in industrial countries as they tend to lose contact with nature. One of our main partners in Austria is the “Naturepark Purkersdorf”. Midst in an incredible forest, they offer activities for schools and families to explore the wilderness und to become aware of the value of nature.