Together we can achieve more -
Our partners in the fight to protect our home earth


The climate crisis is a challenge that we can only meet together. Time is pressing and rapid and, above all, efficient action is now absolutely essential. We still have a chance to turn the tide and leave our descendants a world worth living in.


In our daily work we experience again and again how much is possible when people team up. Whether private individuals, associations, initiatives, politics or companies - the more people unite and work together, the more can be achieved. This is why we do not work alone, but join forces with long-term and strong cooperation partners.



Our project partners


Together with our project partners, we implement sustainable and targeted cooperation projects that aim to achieve maximum impact with the resources we have at our disposal.


Sponsors and donation partners


As a charitable organization, we are naturally dependent on financial support, because as important as idealism and the will to make a difference are, without the necessary financial resources the scope for making a difference is limited. In addition to the many small private donors, it is above all partners from the business world who make our project work possible with their support. As different as our donation partners are - from start-ups to corporate groups - they all have one thing in common: The future of our home planet is close to their hearts and they want to take responsibility within the scope of their possibilities and make their contribution to the preservation of an intact environment.