Project-related donations

Donate a tree for the Amazon Rainforest!

Tree donation for the Amazon rainforest

Donate a tree for the reforestation of mixed forests in Europe!

Tree donation for mixed forests in Europe

Adopt an olive tree!

Adoption of an olive tree

Become a bee sponsor!

Bee sponsorship

Donate a well!

Well donation

Become a pond sponsor!

Pond sponsorship

Your heart beats for the preservation of our green forests? Or maybe you are more of a sweet tooth who is especially weak for honey? From all our projects you can choose the one project, which is particularly dear to you and that you would like to donate to. Or you can support our projects in general with a freely selectable amount.


Good to know: Since our planet does not require the same kind of support at all times, our donations are uncommitted/non-specific. If there are already sufficient funds available for your project and other projects lack financial resources at the same time, we reserve the right to use your donation where it is most needed. One thing is for sure: every donation is used responsibly and to one hundred percent for financing our projects – making this planet a place worth living for all of us.

General donation

One-off donation

Each donation is valuable and important and is being put to use where most needed.


Single financial contribution

A single donation will go towards supporting the climate and environmental protection projects carried out by the Greenfinity Foundation both nationally and internationally.

Thereby minimising negative effects on our environment, preserving habitats, organising Greenfinity Days, granting people access to clean drinking water and promoting sustainable nutrition.

Environmental protection is an ongoing project: contiunous support


Single donations are an important contribution; however, long-term measures are necessary to combat the burden placed on our environment. 

Sponosorships not only help implement our projects in a sustainable manner, but also ensure several projects' long-term success. The monthly donation amount can be freely selected.

Support our environmental projects!