How do we finance our projects?

The Greenfinity Foundation's work is financed through contributions in the form of donations from companies and private persons.


An essential component of the entire financial resources stems from the myWorld Group of Companies (myWorld Holdings), who sets the yearly budget for the Greenfinity Foundation's realisation of projects. The yearly budget amount is dependent upon the success of the corporate group's various business areas. In addition, the myWorld and its partners provide the Greenfinity Foundation with numerous services and the necessary infrastructure free of charge.


Heidemarie Kipperer Chairwoman & Director

"I am very much looking forward to taking on my new role and getting me and my team involved in lots of great climate protection projects. At the same time, I am thrilled to have the chance to make education more accessible to young people in need and thus open up new opportunities to them. Sustainability and social responsibility should go hand-in-hand and I would like to combine these two aspects even more closely in future."

Monika Murárová (Treasurer)

"In our fast-paced world, that is characterised by consumption and higher usage of resources, taking over the responsibility for our environment is becoming increasingly important. The Greenfinity Foundation offers support in numerous ways. I am delighted to be a part of this Foundation and to offer my support in embedding the importance of environmental and climate protection in people's minds. Passing on the appreciation of nature to the next generation is of the utmost importance, for us to protect and preserve our earth's resources for both our children and children's children."

Birgit Windisch (Secretary)

"Our unique flora and fauna plays an important part in our society and entire ecosystem. Its protection therefor plays a crucial role. It is essential that we preserve the biodiversity and the variety of natural habitats. Thanks to its projects, the Greenfinity Foundation creates an increased awareness of the importance of environmental protection and implements tangible improvements. Accompanying the Foundation in its projects and activities is an absolute pleasure."

Manuela Azim Zadeh (Project Coordinator)

"A clean and protected environment is the basis for healthy living. It’s precisely this environment which is in danger because we haven’t been looking after Mother Nature. Each and every one of us is now being called upon to help preserve the earth as a habitat for future generations. Only if we consciously protect our environment today, will our children and grandchildren enjoy a healthy future worth living! As Project Coordinator of the Greenfinity Foundation, I am very pleased to be able to help with this important task."

The Greenfinity Foundation

The Greenfinity Foundation - Association for the Protection of the Environment, is a charitable association seated in Graz, Austria.
Applying the motto "Together for our World. A Future Together." the Greenfinity Foundation has been implementing sustainable environmental and climate projects across the globe since its foundation in 2011.

Furthermore, the Foundation supports measures for effective climate protection, the preservation of natural habitats and the reduction of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The Greenfinity Foundation works closely with local partners as well as national and international environmental groups. Thereby ensuring that all donations are used efficiently on a sustainable basis, building an important foundation for the long-term protection of our environment.