A bee sponsorship for Christmas

A bee sponsorship is the perfect Christmas surprise for all those who love that special something. It is an extraordinary gift which makes your loved ones or your team to guardians of one of the most important creatures in the world - the honey bee.


Your gift includes:

  • A bee sponsorship for one year
  • Ten 250-gram jars of the finest organic honey
  • A bee sponsorship certificate
  • The possibility of a guided tour through the organic apiary Amplatz in Austria


All this can be financed thanks to your bee sponsorship:

  • The complete housing for a bee colony.
  • A bee colony and their queen bee
  • Nutrition for the whole young colony
  • Treatment in case of parasite infestation
  • The lease for the apiary

In addition, your sponsorship covers the costs for small things such as the transport of the bee colonies.


To ensure that your special gift arrives in time for Christmas, please email us at office@greenfinity.foundation until December 12 and let us know to whom you would like to dedicate the sponsorship and to which address we may send the honey for you.