World Food Day – Help us help: together against hunger

More than 805 million people world-wide (FAO 2012-14) do not have enough to eat. Also in the Philippines and in Honduras people suffer from mal- and undernourishment. In order to counteract this problem, the Child & Family Foundation and the Greenfinity Foundation initiated the projects “Health & Nutrition Program” and “Organic Gardens against Hunger”.
Two years ago, the “Health & Nutrition Program” was installed at San Roque Elementary School in the Philippines with the aim to counteract malnourishment by providing the pupils with one healthy and balanced meal a day. The program has already proved successful.
In the course of the project “Organic Gardens against Hunger” the Greenfinity Foundation established an organic school garden including compost and natural pest control. The garden provides fresh and healthy vegetables for the school.  In order to improve the children’s nutritional situation long-term, also their parents have been involved in the programme. In workshops and trainings the community learns how to establish and take care of a garden. Parents learn about the cultivation method so that they can use it also at home.
Cooperation between the two foundations secures long-term improvement of the nutritional situation on site.
You can support the work of the two Lyoness Foundations with your donation. Each donation is important and can improve the life of many children and families.
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