Marko Sedovnik is pleased with the commitment to environmental protection

For Marko Sedovnik, CEO of the myWorld Holdings, the Greenfinity Foundation is an invaluable initiative to implement sustainable environmental protection through global climate protection projects. The fact that we support the projects with the Shopping Community gives me great pleasure. Promoting renewable energies and the reduction of emissions is a major contributory factor to reducing the negative impacts on our environment caused by humans," says Mr. Sedovnik.

Achieve even more together
To him, this idea of environmental protection begins with myWorld. We are constantly working to reduce the ecological footprint so that we will eventually be able to operate with a completely neutral CO2 balance. His vision is to create this sort of awareness with as many people as possible through the Greenfinity Foundation. "We are aware that we need to do something to protect our environment. Thanks to the Greenfinity Foundation sponsors from the myWorld Community, it is possible to promote international projects that achieve ecological improvements even in less developed regions.  I am happy with any support that helps us achieve even more.