What about giving the environment a gift this year?

A greener and better future for us all begins with your gift!

This year, you don't need to decide whether to give someone a gift, treat yourself, do some charity work or do something good for the environment.

We have four gift ideas, which are sure to be well received: by you, your friends, disadvantaged people and the environment.

become a bee sponsor

Do good to mother nature – by sponsoring a beehive!

Our way of life has a massive impact on nature, which in turn upsets the balance of the eco-system.  This means that some species are in ever-increasing danger of extinction, due to environmental pollution or because their habitats are being destroyed. The bees are a prime example of this.  Pollination plays an essential role in maintaining our plant world and thus the diversity of nature.

Gift a beehive sponsorship


290,- EUR for the support for a beehive for one year.

By gifting a beehive sponsorship for Styrian honey bees, you will give nature the amazing gift of fields full of flowers, as well as contributing towards a healthy eco-system.  And that's not all.  You'll also sweeten up the life of whoever you gift the sponsorship to - for a whole year!

Become a bee sponsor

When you take out a sponsorship, as well as receiving a certificate, you also get 10 jars of honey a year - which you can give as gifts!

Donate a well

Water - A gift that's worth more than gold.

In regions affected by climate change, drought poses a major problem. Access to clean water for the local residents in these areas is invaluable.

As a charitable organisation, we don't just want to improve the environment.  We also want to support those who live in regions affected by climate change, which makes their lives even more difficult. 

In these regions, such as, Bahia in Brazil it's normal for the residents to have to travel over 15km to obtain clean water.

Give these people the best gift ever: a water well!

Every donation towards a water well counts: it costs 500,- EUR to build a water well. You can either make a small donation, or donate a whole well. If you donate a whole well, once it is built, it will have a name plate dedicating the well to you. In addition, you'll also receive a certificate with a photo of the well and the community, whose lives you will be significantly improving with your donation.

Donate a well

Of course, you can also donate a well on someone else's behalf, and have it dedicated to them instead.



Greenfinity Foundation - Verein zum Schutz der Umwelt

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Subject: “GFF XmasDonation“

A greener future for us all begins with your gift!

If you can't decide whether to give someone a gift, treat yourself or to do something good for the environment this Christmas, then we we have the perfect solution for you that combines all three.

Everything we do has an impact on the environment.

Everything we do burdens the environment - this is measured in CO² and is shown as the ecological footprint. The environment is able to off-set some of this burden itself and thus maintain the natural balance.

However, everything above the limit that the environment can off-set itself gradually destroys our habitat. By helping nature to restore the balance, we ensure that it stays intact and avoid causing any negative impact.

Plant a tree
Compensate your ecological footprint

Give yourself and the environment a healthier place to live

With your tree donation, we'll plant a tree in our Greenfinity forest in Nicaragua for you. This will automatically reduce your ecological footprint and also create clean, fresh air to breathe in the future. With a donation of 10,- trees can start to take root on a surface of 10 m².


The trees also make a great Christmas gift: we'll plant trees for your recipient and they will get a certificate.

A gift that bears fruit!

Are you still looking for a charitable gift? Undernourishment is still an ever-growing problem in the Philippines. Having it's own garden can vastly improve a family's nutrition.

A garden to fight malnutrition. Help now.
fight hunger - give an organic garden for this christmas

This is why we've started a garden project in the Philippines. There, economical grievances and poverty have a huge impact on the children's nutrition. We set up an organic school garden, which supplies the school kitchen.  This in turn provides the undernourished children with a warm meal every day.  We also support the families: we help them to set up their own organic garden, so they have their own produce, thus providing their family with better nourishment.

Join us: 70,- EUR are already a great support for families to start growing their own organic garden in their backyard.