February 2018
Somoto, Nicaragua

Greenfinity Forest in Nicaragua

The compensation of the ecological footprints allows of a piece of intact nature to emerge.

The Greenfinity Foundation supports the re-forestation of a piece of land in Nicaragua. In addition to the fact that re-forestation projects contribute to keeping the eco-balance stable, these projects also give local people a source of income. With the compensation of your footprint everyone can support the project as we will plant trees for you.

Poverty and dependence on imports

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in Latin America. Nearly 70% of the population in the rural areas are affected by poverty. Unlike most European countries, 95% of all Nicaraguans use firewood for cooking. The country's energy industry mainly relies on imported crude oil. It is therefore even more important that the country's economy receives a boost and that new jobs are created. New and above all long-term income streams can thereby be generated, which will result in a significant improvement of the people's quality of life.

Reculativation as a way of helping people to help themselves - and benefiting nature at the same time

The land which belongs to the family Hernándes Lopez is being recultivated with the help of the Greenfinity Foundation by reforesting a mixed forest of about 1,000 trees. Aside from timber species such as lead tree, saman and mandagual, fruit trees are also being planted to help generate an additional source of income for the people. The trees supply the inhabitants of the region with firewood as well as wood and fruits for sale. The people can use the money generated therefrom to purchase new agricultural tools and thereby greatly increase their quality of life.

Creating awareness for environmental issues

Thanks to the CFF's commitment and the amazing collaboration with the population, awareness for the use of forests for people, animals and plants can be built.

Every tree counts

If you want ro help too, you can calculate your carbon footprint and compensate or just donate as you wish; the Greenfinity Faoundations plants trees with your donation which makes the planet greener and healthier again and helps at the same time families such as the one of Hernándes Lopez.

Projekt Info
Project Goals

•    Forest preservation as an important raw-material supplier (provides substitutes for oil, kerosene, lignite)
•    Recultivation of underused land
•    Creation of natural habitats for flora and fauna
•    Protection of numerous species
•    Restoration of biodiversity
•    Combating poverty through the creation of new workplaces in forestry

Projekt Location

Nearby the village of Somoto in the Departamento Madriz in the north of Nicaragua

Project period
September 2017 – December 2018
Convenantee group

Inhabitants of the region surrounding the city of Somoto in northern Nicaragua

Project partner