1,000 trees for the future

A reforestation campaign at the 'Dhara Children Academy'

More and more Indian forests are falling victim to deforestation. People on the ground are often not aware how important green forests are for the air quality.  Within the scope of environmental education at the 'Dhara Children Academy', we have launched a project which hopes to achieve big goals: 1000 newly-planted trees within a year.

Reforestation included as part of environmental education with a practical approach

There are many ways to get children excited about the environment.  Letting them get involved in the practical sides of environmental projects is one of the most effective and sustainable ways of doing this. 

During environmental education classes taking place at the 'Dhara Children Academy', the children receive instruction in theoretical knowledge of topics such as deforestation, reforestation and the role which trees play in our ecosystem.  This knowledge can then be practically applied going forward.  The children are tasked with planting seedlings.  This, however, is not all: They should also learn how to look after the seedlings so that they grow into strong, healthy plants.  This marks the start of a major reforestation project as part of our project visit in April.  

Particular attention is drawn to the fact that predominantly fruit trees such as mango, papaja or eucalyptus are planted, whose fruit can then be harvested by the local population whilst the trees provide native species of animals with a habitat. 

A reforestation campaign at the 'Dhara Children Academy'

Take responsibility

The top mark awarded during environmental awareness lessons is 100 points.  Planting a sapling wins you 10 points.  So that the children can experience for themselves how nature's cycle works, they are tasked with continuing to care for the plants by learning how to water and look after them.  If the plant survives until their final exam, they will receive 15 extra points. 

A reforestation campaign at the 'Dhara Children Academy'
A reforestation campaign at the 'Dhara Children Academy'
A reforestation campaign at the 'Dhara Children Academy'

Other reforestation campaigns within the catchment area, Thakurdwara

During July and August 2018, 200 pupils who are supported by the 'DHARA - The Poor Child Education Support', the sponsoring organisation for the 'Dhara Children Academy', have become involved in the reforestation campaigns. Die Kinder leben in Dörfern rund um Thakurdwara.

A reforestation campaign at the 'Dhara Children Academy'

550 more plants for Ramnagar

In Ramnagar, DHARA ensures that Muslim children gain access to education.  The organisation's goal is to make a connection between contemporary educational methods and the traditional religious teachings and to bring general education back into the foreground.

The introduction of environmental education material was a novel idea and, during the course of these lessons, the children have also begun a reforestation project: In August and September, 550 plants were planted by the Muslim pupils.  Even if it was the first time that they had been exposed to the topic of environmental protection, the children and teachers were enthusiastic about the subject matter and enjoyed the day. 

Project Goals:

  • The topic of reforestation included as part of the environmental education program at the 'Dhara Children Academy'
  • 1000 saplings planted inside one year

Project Period:

  • April to December 2018