Project trip to India

Visiting the project und planning further support

Together with the Child and Family Foundation we made our way to India to personally visit the Dhara Children Academy.

After successfully completing the installation of a photovoltaic system, we were now on site to examine the needs of additional projects.

After a warm welcome from our project partner and owner of the school Sanjeev Kr. Verma and his wife, we had a very productive meeting in which we discussed many details as well as the agenda for our stay in India.

Meeting with Verma, Dhara Child Academy
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pollution India

Incredible India

Colourful, hot, friendly but also poor and not very environmentally conscious - these are our first impressions. But how are people supposed to take care of the environment when they are having trouble taking care of themselves?

Environmental education

This is precisely where we wish to start, as environmental consciousness is not a question of money, but rather of education, which is lacking in India. Schools are mostly private and very expensive and the few state schools are either overcrowded and have a poor quality of education, or are so remote that they can hardly be reached. 


School Kids from India

We are therefore supporting the Dhara Children Academy together with the Child & Family Foundation. At this school, children can receive a proper education, irrespective of their origin or financial situation. Our project partner, the Dhara Poor Child Education Support Society is doing a fantastic job along with its supporters, but often lacks the financial means. The Child & Family Foundation is therefore supporting the school's renovation to ensure the school's continuous operation.

Dhara Child Academy
Indian girl planting trees
Indian girl planting trees2

After the successful implementation of the photovoltaic system, we will now be focusing, for example, on strengthening environmental awareness throughout the school.

Visting Indian Families at home

Visiting the children and the children's homes

Visiting the school reaffirmed our decision to support this educational facility. We were very impressed with the school and the children's thirst for knowledge. Furthermore, we were invited to visit the children's families, where we not only received a hearty welcome but delicious home-made Indian food as well. The conversations granted us an insight into their lives and the difficulties they are facing.


Dhara CHildren acadamy
Kids at Dhara Children Acadamy
Kids at Dhara Children Acadamy