CSR partnerships

More and more companies wish to take on responsibility and are searching for opportunities to become active in their corporate social responsibility regarding environmental protection or to help those in need.

The Greenfinity Foundation is pleased to provide the necessary support. In a personal meeting, we can decipher which contribution the company can afford to make towards helping our environment. Together, we will prepare and individual concept for environmental protection. This could entail the support towards one of our existing projects, or the start of a new cooperation project.

Contact us without obligation!

Contributing project ideas

The Greenfinity Foundation has made it its mission to offer a substantial contribution towards the reduction of negative environmental influences, the preservation of natural habitats and to bring about a significant improvement of the environmental situation.

To this end, environmental projects shall be implemented across the globe. The need for action is great, which is why we are extremely pleased to support projects that have the same objectives as we have.

Each project submitted to us, will be subject to a fair evaluation. Solely the board of association of the Greenfinity Foundation can decide on the promotion of projects and the release of funds. We kindly ask for your understanding that we can only implement projects, that lie within our financial means and correspond to our focus.

Who and what we support

The Greenfinity Foundation sees its core mission in the implementation of holistic and sustainable environmental and climate protection projects that are in accordance with our guiding principle "Together for our world. A future together." Which is why we promote projects that pursue the following goals:

  • Increasing the awareness for environmental protection and energy saving
  • Use of alternative energy sources
  • Reducing the greenhouse effect
  • Preservation of endangered habitats for future generations
  • Research into new technologies in the fields of climate protection and renewable energy resources

Support through the Greenfinity Foundation is limited to groups, communities, associations, self-help groups, cooperatives, supporters of environmental projects as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Every submitted project must be non-profit. The Greenfinity Foundation does not support private individuals or private enterprises and does not take on any sponsoring activities.

Send project proposal

Send your project proposal including the following information via e-mail to office@greenfinity.foundation:

  • Project
  • Project description (problem statement, solution, objective, benefits, beneficiaries)
  • Budget
  • Implementation period, project plan

Greenfinity Days

Greenfinity Days

Action rather than words

Many wish to no longer remain onlookers on issues such as environmental pollution or climate change. However, individually they often lack the necessary strength to become active. To this end, more and more people are joining communities to set things in motion. The Greenfinity Foundation represents such a community.

Every contribution towards protecting our environment counts! 

On Greenfinity Days voluntary helpers come together in line with our motto "Together for our world. A future together" to actively contribute towards environmental protection within the course of regional projects. 


Entire days are spent cleaning thoughtlessly discarded waste from riverbanks and beaches, or reforesting woods. With joint forces, it is possible in just a short amount of time, to contribute towards the preservation of our natural habitats and to sensitise the population to this important issue.

Over 60 such projects were implemented over the past few years with the help of approx. 1,500 voluntary helpers.


What are the key elements of a Greenfinity Day?

Such projects are initiated by committed people on site. The Greenfinity Foundation is happy to help you with the organisation and budgeting of your project.

Whether we are dealing with workshops, reforestation or waste collection projects, the Greenfinity Days can be implemented across the world. All we need is a good idea, a small budget and some helping hands. At the end of a project, the voluntary helpers are left with not only the memories of such a wonderful and fun day, but can feel extremely proud of having done one's part towards the protection of our environment.

The Greenfinity Foundation has already implemented numerous projects in cooperation with myWorld and the Lyconet community. If you would like to be a part of a Greenfinity Day, please contact one of the communities in your region.

Do you have an idea for a Greenfinity Day? The please contact us!