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A monster is taking over more and more of the earth. Without our help, the next generation ‒ our children and grandchildren ‒ will be caught in its claws and forever at its mercy. At the moment, we can still fight back. Will you join us?

A man-made monster is spreading over the earth

There is one monster that has been threatening our land for quite some time. But nobody has really taken it seriously up until now, because it seems to be invisible. This monster is climate change.

Until recently, it was considered a chimaera of crazy scientists. But now it is becoming impossible to ignore. The monster itself may be invisible, but droughts, floods and the extinction of entire animal and plant varieties are leaving a trail of destruction on our planet, making climate change clearly felt across the globe.

Climate change is man-made and can no longer be denied
Fight against climate change

Our ecosystem is losing its self-regulatory powers

Mother Nature used to have climate change under control. Our planet's natural cycle is aimed at compensating small attacks on the natural habitat, like the use of natural resources or environmental pollution.

Impacts of climate change_from Pixabay

However, present-day environmental pollution feeds the monster and makes it strong. If we don't adapt our lifestyle, characterised by immense emissions, overexploitation of natural resources and careless environmental pollution, to a level that is compatible with nature, Mother Nature will become more and more powerless in her fight against climate change. As our ecosystem spins out of control, natural disasters will become more and more common. .

It is up to you to do something for environmental protection.

While climate change is casting its ever-longer shadow over our earth, many are still in denial.


Are you, too, closing your eyes? Or will you join us in our fight for a life on a sound planet?

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