A Euro a day for the environment

francesco-gallarotti-72602-unsplash-2 A Euro a day for the environment
A Euro a day for the environment


Many of us could easily spare 1 Euro day, but our environment needs this small donation badly. Start right away: Donate a Euro a day to protect the environment and help us to run valuable environmental projects sustainably and in the long-term. Saving the planet ist hat easy!


Offset your ecological footprint

To offset your personal ecological footprint, you can support the Greenfinity Foundation's reforestation projects in Brazil and Hungary and render a valuable contribution towards environmental protection.


Further information on the calculation and offsetting of your personal ecological footprint can be found here.

Fußabdruck kompensieren

10,000 trees for climate protection

Planting 10,000 trees for climate protection

Support our reforestation campaign in cooperation with Hungarian schools and partner

We leave our mark on nature in everything we do. We exhaust resources, generate greenhouse gases and produce waste. Countermeasures are necessary to retain nature's balance. Using targeted reforestation projects, we can return to the planet what we have taken: renewable resources and an oxygen source.

As part of our Reforestation project in Hungary, we will plant trees with the pupils in the area around their school. This will not only ensure a source of fresh air, but also make the next generation more aware of the environment. 


Become a part of our campaign and do your bit to protect the environment. 

Project-related donations

Donate a tree
Donate to combat hunger
Donate to plant 10 000 trees in hungary
A euro a day for the envirmonment
Donate a well

Your heart beats for the preservation of our green forests? Or maybe you are more of a sweet tooth who is especially weak for honey? From all our projects you can choose the one project, which is particularly dear to you and that you would like to donate to. Or you can support our projects in general with a freely selectable amount.


Good to know: Since our planet does not require the same kind of support at all times, our donations are uncommitted/non-specific. If there are already sufficient funds available for your project and other projects lack financial resources at the same time, we reserve the right to use your donation where it is most needed. One thing is for sure: every donation is used responsibly and to one hundred percent for financing our projects – making this planet a place worth living for all of us.

General donation

One-off donation

Each donation is valuable and important and is being put to use where most needed.


Single financial contribution

A single donation will go towards supporting the climate and environmental protection projects carried out by the Greenfinity Foundation both nationally and internationally.

Thereby minimising negative effects on our environment, preserving habitats, organising Greenfinity Days, granting people access to clean drinking water and promoting sustainable nutrition.

Environmental protection is an ongoing project: contiunous support


Single donations are an important contribution; however, long-term measures are necessary to combat the burden placed on our environment. 

Sponosorships not only help implement our projects in a sustainable manner, but also ensure several projects' long-term success. The monthly donation amount can be freely selected.

Beehive sponsorship

Beehive sponsorship


Healthy bees are essential for the survival of our eco-system - and for the production of good-quality honey.


Bees are an essential component of the eco-system: As the pollinators of countless plants, they are responsible for the continued existence of plant life. As a result of numerous factors, the bee and insect populations have sunk drastically in recent years.

Beehive sponsorship

Sponsor the bees!

  • Secure the survival of the honey bee with us! In so doing, you will be making an important contribution to the preservation of our eco-system.
  • The annual donation for bee sponsorship: €290.
  • Sponsorship of a bee colony, maintained using organic farming methods
  • Ten jars of organic honey with the Greenfinity Foundation logo and merchandising.




Give the gift of water. Give the gift of life.

Support the well bulding project in Brazil


Your donation towards our well construction project in Brazil, would drastically increase the people's living conditions: With the construction of a well, water supply for approximately four families could be secured in the Brazilian state of Bahia, a region that is extremely drought-prone.


Perhaps you would be interested in financing, on your own or with the help of friends, the entire construction of a well with a donation of 500 Euro?

Donate a well for clean water

Dedication of the well

As a thank you, you will receive a photo of the well that could be constructed thanks to you donation and the community who will then have access to drinking water. Furthermore, a plaque with your name will be mounted close to the well.




Let the Greenfinity forests grow in the Amazon

Donate a tree
Donate a tree

Huge areas of Amazon rainforest were cleared over the years.  The consequences were devastating: Not only plants and animals are now endangered, humans are also being deprived of their livelihood due to infertile soil. Deforestation has a huge effect on our climate as trees function as all-important CO2 storage facilities and oxygen-producers.

Targeted reforestation can restore the ecological balance and make a valuable contribution to balanced global CO2 levels – for example, just like our reforestation project in Brazil.  During the course of this project, fallow and infertile areas of ground in the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor were planted with native tree species.


Thanks to our reforestation project in Brazil, fallow and infertile land is being planted with local tree species. By making a donation of just ten Euros, you can plant a tree in the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor and contribute towards maintaining an intact ecosystem and protecting the planet's climate.

A garden to combat hunger

Your donation to fight hunger
Donate to fight hunger


Undernourishment and nutritional deficiency have varying causes. In Brazil, it is the drought that nips everything in the bud. On the Philippine island of Leyte, it is the ground that is infertile due to the high concentration of salt and sand.

With your donation towards the garden project on the Philippines and in Brazil, organic fruit and vegetables can be planted by and for the affected people in this region.

With just 70 Euros you can provide a family with an organic garden including organic fertiliser, seeds, seedlings and compost.