CO2 countervailing measures at the Lyoness Open

Establishing a forest biotope

Thanks to the donation and compensation of the Lyoness Open, visitors of the nature park Purkersdorf will be able listen to a spectacular frog concert when visting this recreation area.

Sustainable golf events
Large events such as the Lyoness Open also have a large impact on the environment. Especially the arrival of numerous visitors can be burdensome on the environment. In the last few years, the Greenfinity Foundation has increasingly advocated a sustainable development in golfing. Successful measures for a gradual reduction of the ecological footprint were therefore implemented within the Lyoness Open.

Creating new habitats
One possibility to compensate for one's own footprint is to donate to the Purkersdorf nature reserve, which the Greenfinity Foundation has been supporting for years. Thanks to this initiative, the nature reserve could establish a forest biotope which is continuously expanding. Information boards guide the visitors through the forest.
A stroll through the nature reserve in autumn invites you to linger and simply enjoy nature's colourful splendour. It also offers you front row seats to the spectacular frog concert.

Gelbbauchunke im Waldbiotop Naturpark Purkersdorf
Waldbiotop Naturpark Purkersdorf

A habitat for the yellow-bellied toad
The forest biotope is not only a source of drinking water for bees, but is also an important habitat for the yellow-bellied toad, whose name is derived from its yellow-spotted belly. In case of imminent danger, the unkenreflex comes into play. The toad thereby turns on its back and arches its body to reveal the bright colours on its stomach. The signal colour advertises their toxic skin and warns of predators.
In Europe, the yellow-bellied toad is classified as endangered or even greatly endangered and therefore is categorised as a species deserving protection according to the Fauna-Flora-Habitat Directive. Which is why it is even more pleasing that the toad has made a home at the Purkersdorf nature reserve and that the population can grow. The nature reserve also offers its visitors a retreat and allows them to relax while listening to the approx. 40croaks per minute.