Extending the forest biotope: outlook for 2019

Not only is the number of bees growing, but the yellow-bellied toad's habitat is also increasing thanks to the Greenfinity Foundation's support.

In keeping with the Greenfinity Foundation's mission, creating environmental awareness for children is a priority for the Purkersdorf nature reserve. The nature reserve aims to provide a surrounding in which the little ones can discover nature at its best and develop enthusiasm for natural habitats.

A protective fence is established around the forest biotope thereby preventing the little discoverers from venturing too far.

In addition, the observation posts for the yellow-bellied toads, the drinking bees or resting dragonflies will be renovated. The tree trunks laid out for visitors to sit on were met with great reviews and should be extended while keeping in line with conserving the habitats.


We cannot wait to see the results!