It only takes 15 people to plant 300 trees.

In 1987, the area of Cuemanco, located in the district of Mexico City, was recognised by the UNESCO as a Humankind Cultural Heritage. However, due to climate change, pollution, and wildlife hunting, among other things, the environment has been constantly deteriorating.
We help nature to bloom again.
Lyoness Americas therefore planted trees, Ahuejotes to be precise, as they are an essential part of the ecosystem.  Their big roots provide essential support for the animals’ growth and reproduction. The Axoltl in particular is an animal from that region that is currently in danger of extinction. These newly planted trees will help to purify the water and to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Thank you Lyoness Americas
The 15 volunteers were full of energy and recognised the positive impact that this action will have on the community. Thank you very much for this commitment Lyoness Americas.

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