Mission Creek Regional Park in Kelowna – We take care of that which we love

Canadians love nature
Only when someone has been to Canada, can they truly begin to understand what nature or endless, deserted space really means: rivers, which can be regarded as a lake system, forests in which any civilisation doesn‘t just disappear from view, it’s not there to begin with.  These are the forests where the Canadians really love to spend their time.

Mission Creek Regional Park.
This is why there are parks like this throughout Canada and, depending on the size and location, people can go there to run, jog, go camping, canoeing or fishing.  The Mission Creek Regional Park in Kelowna is one such location.  Spread over 94 hectares, the park is as big as 94 football pitches, leaving plenty of space for everyone. Much of the space is remote so any rubbish that gets dumped or forgotten, stays there.
The Kelowna Greenfinity World Clean-up Day event was full of fun and positive change!
 To ensure that people can continue to enjoy the park and nature, 8 volunteers got together and spent 3 hours collecting over 50lbs of rubbish.  When they were done, the volunteers had a feeling of accomplishment, and felt good about helping the environment.
We’d like to thank Sofia Simeonidis once again for organising the World Clean-Up Day event in Kelowna, BC. Thank you to all the volunteers for their dedication and participation in this year’s clean-up!