The new #wecare magazine is out now!

Together for a better future!

You can now download a PDF to read about the best of 2019's collaboration between the Greenfinity Foundation and the Child & Family Foundation. The new #wecare magazine is packed full of news about all the projects which we have been working on over the last year, both separately and together.

As an example, we just want to name a few here: our joint projects like the Dhara Children Academy in India and the San Roque Elementary School in the Philippines, as well as the newly built preschool and kindergarten in Mexico including solar panels. Or our big Greenfinity well project in Brazil and our bee project, located at an organic apiculture in Austria. Several new Greenfinity projects were also initiated in 2019, about which you can read in our new magazine as well.


Even though we knew it before, we were still surprised at just how much more we can achieve when we work together.


Together we are making our contributions towards creating a better future for us all.


You can find all the details, news and background information in the magazine - check it out here!


Greefinity wishes you a lot of fun reading and discovering new projects and facts!