Supporting 80,000 bees at the Purkersdorf nature reserve

Another two Greenfinity beehives in 2018

We are delighted that the bee population is steadily increasing at the Purkersdorf nature reserve!

Aside from the bee colonies that inhabit the platforms, bees have moved to the "Schöffelwiese" as well. This requires not only traditional beekeeper tasks. To provide the bee colonies with an appropriate living space, maintenance works is required, as well as the planting of additional plants necessary for honey flora. The Greenfinity Foundation has financially supported two bee hives for these works to be undertaken.

bees at the Naturpark Purkersdorf
Greenfinity beehives at the Naturpark Purkersdorf

In the early summer, approximately 40,000 industrious bees fly out of the Greenfinity bee hives and ensure through pollination that various plants in the nature reserve can bloom.