October 2016
America: Florida, CaliforniaCanada: Toronto, KelownaBrazil: São Luis

America: World Clean-up Day

Working together for a cleaner environment at the World Clean-up Day" in the USA, Canada and Brazil"

At the World Clean-up Day" on 17th of September 2016, the Lyconet und Cashback World Community in USA, Canada and Brazil actively contributed to making our environment greener and more worth living. By joining forces, the 159 employees, Loyalty Merchants and Members collected nearly 1,000 kilogrammes of waste.

  • America
    • Florida: 18 volunteers made full use of the sunny day and cleared a section of the beach of waste. Altogether nearly 400 kilogrammes of waste were collected.
    • California: 19 voluntary helpers collected 100 kilogrammes of waste.
  • Canada:
    • Toronto: 16 volunteers disregarded the terrible weather and disposed of 350 kilogrammes of waste.
    • Kelowna: Despite the rain, 11 voluntary helpers worked together to collect 10 kilogrammes of waste.
  • Brazil:
    • São Luis: 95 volunteers cleared the beaches of São Luis of waste. Altogether nearly 150 kilogrammes of waste were removed.

Every voluntary helper basked in the positive atmosphere, the surrounding nature and that amazing feeling of having helped protect the environment. As a reward for their admirable effort, the volunteers received a T-shirt, GFF cap and a Greenfinity certificate from their Regional Offices.
The removal of waste is essential in ensuring a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Another aim of the waste collection campaign was to raise the Lyconet und Cashback World Community'

Projekt Info
Project Goals
  • Preservation of vegetation and biodiversity
  • Reducing the greenhouse effect
  • Creating awareness regarding the protection of our environment
  • Recognizing waste as a source of valuable raw materials
  • Proper waste disposal
Projekt Location

America: Florida, CaliforniaCanada: Toronto, KelownaBrazil: São Luis

Project period
17. September 2016
Concrete Realisation

17. September 2016

Convenantee group

Society, flora and fauna